Controlling anxiety: It’s not a problem

If you struggle with controlling anxiety, it’s good to address the reasons behind it and why you might hide from any anxious feelings that come up for you.

Does it help or hinder?

When you feel anxious, the first thing you must realise is that anxiety is a feeling that is actually trying to help you. It is there to protect you from anything that you could consider dangerous.

This is why you will likely run away from something making you feel like this. Sometimes though, what your mind considers ‘dangerous’ is actually something that just needs to be confronted and resolved.

Don’t create distance, create a new journey

When you run away from anxiety, your mind will simply store that anxiety, and send another (stronger) signal each time it feels it needs to. This snowball of emotions can even lead to depression if not addressed and fixed. 

Turning your attention to your anxiety is tough though, which is why you might want to just run or ignore it. Things that can also get in the way include:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Hobbies that take control of your life. e.g gambling
  • Procrastination 

Essentially, what you are doing in these cases is something you enjoy, is familiar or acts as a distraction. This is when you can create an overwhelming feeling for yourself that can become harder and harder to resolve.

Controlling anxiety and being happy

Consider what happens when you’re happy. When you are feeling happy, you go on to do that thing to keep making you happy.

This is can help in controlling anxiety. When you feel anxious, staying with the feeling and powering through is the most powerful way to come out the other side happier and more fulfilled.

Consider that not only will you be able to conquer your anxiety, but you will also learn something new about yourself at the end of it.

Stop seeing anxiety as the problem

Lots of us need a little help controlling anxiety from time to time. This is an issue that I want to shine a light on more, as you likely see anxiety as a problem, but it is actually an alarm letting you know that you can amend that thing in your life for the better.

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