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Is perfection achievable?

Why does everything we do have to be perfect?

We have unrealistic expectations on what perfection is. We dream of undertaking a project or trying something new and expect to be great at it straight away. Expectations are founded with people’s achievements. However, what has not been highlighted is the work that they put in to reach that level..

It’s that tenacity that helped them towards achieving their goals. We do not see them picking themselves up again and again and not being limited by their perceived ‘perfect’ way of achieving their goals.


We expect everything to be seamless, but this unrealistic expectation of perfection can be so debilitating that it stops us from even trying, just in case it doesn’t go according to plan.

It doesn’t help that social media, as with popular culture in general, only show others in a light in which they want to portray themselves. You never hear about the number of times they tried to climb that mountain and failed. Only that they reached the top of the mountain. You don’t remember how many times a footballer missed a free-kick but you remember the handful of times he scored. The same can be said for the way we relate to ourselves on social media. We put our best self forward. We picking the perfect picture and craft the perfect status to show us in the best light possible


Focusing on our achievements is good but look at your relationship to perfection. Is it stopping you from trying new things and reaching your dreams? ‘Just in case it doesn’t turn out like the fairy tale’ that you have told yourself.

The next time you feel dejected by others ‘perfection’ catch yourself and remind yourself that everyone clawed their way to success with just as many bumps and hiccups as you are experiencing.

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