Lets Talk About It

In life, we are expected to be great all of the time. There is no room for unexpected feelings to get in the way. The famous phrase ‘Keep calm & carry on’ exemplifies that fact. Just keep pushing through until everything is ‘fine’. What cost is there, however, to not talking through our problems?

I see time and time again client’s living with their past issues, allowing them to dictate the way they live, act, think and feel.


We see it as virtuous and brave to keep it to ourselves when in fact it is the braver person who speaks out to others about their problems which indeed stops their issues dictating their lives.

How long do you want to pretend for?

We create ways of being with others and ourselves which negate the need to confront our mental and emotional anguish.

Do you avoid going to places or doing things that you are scared of, even though a part of you would like to give it a try? Imagine a world where you could do everything you only ever dreamt of doing? You have the power to be that person and live out your dreams.

Why not be that more confident and braver you? Get what you want and not allow those issues to dictate who you are.

Ask for what you want-

And ultimately, get what you want!

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