Let’s talk gaming: Why & how to stop

Are you into gaming? Me too. Over some time I have been taking you through the pros, cons, reasons, and resolutions to not being able to tear yourself away from video games.

I wanted to cover this more than other topics because it is something I can relate to and have done for a huge portion of my life.

So, as I have been taking you through why you play video games and whether it is a good or a bad thing, it’s best for me to explain why I felt that this series would be massively helpful to so many of you.

The good, the bad and the ugly of gaming

It’s all well and good encouraging you to stop playing games and to focus on real-life more often. It’s far more beneficial however to take what you have learned from the experience and connect to it in a different way instead.

This means rejigging how you see this habit as not just a thing that is taking up time, but for the skills it has given you. Otherwise, everything that you have learnt from gaming will indeed be time wasted.

Use it or lose it!

I honestly feel you should use everything. The problem-solving, the creativity, the dedication to complete a task/level, the social aspect, and anything else you can think of.

And just like trying over and over again in video games, so too can you learn to use this in the real world.

So with this playlist?

I want you to reach your full potential by understanding what is holding you back.

Stop, learn and use your successes and failures to achieve more in your life. Understand that there is nothing wrong with playing video games but don’t get stuck in the same repetitive loop that isn’t refined to just video games. 

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