Master Your Critical Inner Voice

Master Your Critical Inner Voice

The critical inner voice is that voice in the back of your head always doubting your ability to achieve, and stopping you from trying new things.

The function of this voice has always been to protect you from danger or getting hurt. That’s why when a speeding car comes past, you don’t cross the road until it has passed you.

That voice, however, doesn’t just protect you from physical danger, it is also protecting you from emotional danger and stopping you from trying new things in case you get hurt.

This voice can even get so loud that we no longer hear our own opinion and start to think of that voice as our own. We forget that we have the ability to look at and understand that voice as a part of us but not all we are.

Where does this voice come from?
Parents, friends, family, guardians or anyone who has been there to help and protect you throughout your life.

This is the main reason why that voice has such authority and presence, as it stems from a place of trust and loyalty that was bestowed onto these people in your life.

You need to understand where your critical inner voice originated from so you can understand why it is trying to protect you and what from. For example, your parents may have been scared of spiders and told you to be careful or even to run away from them if you see one. This is how that phobia has been passed down from them onto you. This is a more pronounced link but on a more subtle level, these characteristics, thoughts opinions or general points of view can be passed down through your parents onto you.

See that voice

Draw a picture. Think of a situation where the critical inner voice stifles you; maybe when going out or trying something new.
With that voice and feeling present, express how you connect to it. Draw or write it out, maybe find a picture in a magazine or online which you connect that feeling to.

Look at that picture. Which colours did you use? What textures does it have? Does it look comforting or dangerous?

What you are achieving is to allow yourself to see this voice as separate from you.
Remember, that this voice is living in you and if it looks imposing or dangerous, no wonder you don’t want to go near it and will do whatever it says.

Redesign that voice.

Redesign the way you connect to it so that it looks inviting and warming rather than fiery and imposing. This is essentially helping you to see the voice as an ally rather than a master.

Rather than jagged lines draw soft ones, rather than reds use softer blues or greens. Whatever it is that allows you to see that voice in a different light.

You are recreating this voice so you can reshape it however you like.

The Future

This exercise can allow you to connect to that voice as a point of view rather than dominating your life. Remember it is not just you that connects to their critical inner voice in this way, everyone has this critical inner voice in them, dictating how to act, what to think and feel.

This voice is there to help you not hinder you throughout your life. Let it help support you and push you forward rather than stifle you and hold you back.

Let’s start taking control of it rather than it controlling us.

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