Therapist Response to Harry and Meghan Interview

The world is buzzing after Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

After allegations of the decision to step away from royal duties and leave the UK, I was more interested to hear about the toll this took on their mental health and how they had overcome it.

What I want to highlight is how brave they were to discuss where they were emotionally at the point of wanting to make a change.

It is sad to think that Meghan Markle had to reach the point of “[not wanting] to live anymore.” And this is a serious and essentially dangerous point to reach, which is why it is all the more inspiring that they were able to find a solution to their issues.

You can create change for the better far earlier on, as we are not as limited in control as they were. What can be said however is that Meghan believed she should have known sooner than something wasn’t right.

When you are in this state of depression, the longer it is left, the more difficult it is to get out.

This is why communication comes top of the list of ways to remain emotionally healthy.

Meghan expressed that she was ashamed to admit to Harry of how she was feeling. The shame she is talking about is common in many in a state of depression. You may feel that you don’t want to bring anyone down or become a burden.

What is important to remember is when you are within a strong support network, that doesn’t mean you are only meant to be there for others, the network is there for you too.

You have put trust in these loved ones, so use them, and communicate how you are feeling regularly, even allowing yourself to vent the little things can mean less of a load for you when things become extra tough.

I felt the need to comment during this whirlwind of news now because it shows how important it is to jump on things when they turn sour and create positive change for yourself.

Meghan and Harry have been able to take a huge step in considering their own mental health first and changing their lives for the better.

How do you believe you can create change for yourself to live a more positive life?

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