Men’s Mental Health Month | Let’s All Open Up!

Why don’t men talk?

Men’s mental health is being brought to light, but it’s still a slow progression. As we constantly work to find real equality between genders and NB (and we still have a long way to go), what Men’s Mental Health Month can do is be a real driving force in this.

And this is how.

This is how we move forward today

Considering each gender’s history within society, neither were ever encouraged to discuss their true feelings.

As women, you were labelled ‘emotional’ and couldn’t upset others with your true ‘feelings’. As men you were told that emotions were weak or “girly”.

These were both the extreme expectations of people, but they still ring true today and we’re still, unfortunately, working on shaking that off. It is scientifically proven that repressed emotions are detrimental to your happiness and success.

Where we start, is encouraging discussion on how you are REALLY feeling, right now.

Transparency and honesty is that first step, and it’s not only important to avoid repressing how you are feeling, but to also encourage others around you to open up too.

It can be all too easy to say ‘it’s OK’ or ‘things will get better’, but rather than make them feel better, you are diffusing the tension you feel yourself.

What we all need to do is sit in that tension. When another feels sad, let them sit in that sadness and be a support system for them within that sadness.

Men’s Mental Health Month is VITAL

This is why Men’s Mental Health Month could be such a vital progression in how we see mental health. If you take anything from this campaign, it should be to not only sit with your own feelings, but to also not allow yourself to feel uncomfortable from seeing your dad, boyfriend, boy friend, line manager shed some tears.

Let’s bring out the true self of us and everyone around you.

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