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Start Feeling Motivated

Motivation allows you to feel great and get what you want from life.

Yet many of us find it hard to get motivated, even if you want to create or achieve something.

Reason 1 is that you are scared to fail.

You might have a good idea, but as soon as you start to get excited, you think of all the reasons why it won’t work.

You think are not good enough, you don’t know how to do it, and you don’t have what it takes. That part of yourself telling that is trying to stop you from feeling sad from failing. However, it would rather let you imagine being successful rather than trying and making a mistake.

Instead, if you see failure as a positive step in growing and developing; showing you the ways that don’t work so that you can find the ways that do, it will mean that you don’t have to fear failure, but instead see it as just a part of achieving success

Reason 2 used to short-term gain

Technology has made life so much easier. you are used to picking up our phones to watch a video, read an article or switching on the T.V. This short-term fix of passivity has to lead to many of us not feeling motivated or willing to put our minds to anything which takes a bit of work.

Learning uses active attention which takes a little bit more time to cultivate and grow. In fact, the thought of being more active can fill you with dread as it is harder work. Stay with it though and eventually, you will enjoy the more laborious sure, but also active and rewarding tasks that get you one step closer to your dream lifeWhich leads us onto reason 3 which is

You don’t have patience.

Patience is a part of life that again many of us are not used to. you can feel stimulated through other means. For example, you can switch on the TV or play with our Smartphones whenever you want. When you are expected to wait for anything you feel bored agitated and angry. Why should I have to wait when I can get it right now!

Really though you don’t want to feel that you are out of control. Important things take time and patience is the ability to know that it will happen eventually and takes the intensity not only out of the task at hand but also out of life in general.

What’s your reason?

These are just 3 reasons why you might not feel motivated but there are plenty more

Why don’t you leave me a comment sharing with me what you want to achieve and what is stopping you? I will answer your question either in a blog post or a YouTube video? Whichever you prefer.

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