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No BUTs, Just Action | Motivation Hack

I’ve brushed on this before when it comes to motivation, but I really wanted to highlight this quick hack to gaining some motivation in your day-to-day life.

Motivation is something I hear about so much and something that is lacking in many of our lives.

You could start doing something, but there is always something that happens to stop you from continuing. So, actually keeping motivated and consistent is the cornerstone of success.

The pattern I had noticed when it comes to motivation, is the language used. So this is where my hack comes into play.

I want to do this, but?

Saying ‘but’ stops everything you’re doing in its tracks. ‘But’ is a justification as to why it won’t work. So what you’re doing here is giving yourself the excuse to stop or not even try.

So, let’s get rid of ‘but’ from your vocabulary. Instead of ‘but’, replace it with ‘and’. What this does is create an expanding path to reach what you want to do, rather than ‘but’ stopping you and getting in the way.

‘I want to ask for a promotion at work but?’

Where can you go from there? 

All you can say following this is something negative, such as: 

.’..but I probably wont get it.’ 

‘but my boss doesn’t like me.’ 

‘…but I am not good enough.’

Let’s start again with the use of ‘and’ instead.

‘I want to ask for a promotion at work and?’

‘…I am going to ask my boss’ 

‘…and I am going to upscale and I am good enough.’

‘And’ gives you something to do and a positive spin on the whole experience.

Once you start noticing your own language, you can relate it back to your old, more negative, patterns.

Saying ‘but’ stop you from moving forward. Saying ‘and’ gives you possibilities and a chance to keep motivated and work in a way that works for you!

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