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Oppression vs Money vs Power | Butler Cafe

Oppression vs Money vs power vs strength. It’s all a personal battlefield.

An important topic came to my attention after discussing Japan’s Butler Cafe’s for The Metro

It is a fine-dining experience taken to another level. Within the experience, you are not only given delicious, a la carte meals, but you also become the master of the house. The waiters are your personal butlers, you are given a warm welcome home when you arrive and told a run-down of your busy schedule as you eat involving tennis with a celebrity, your meeting with royalty, and your day at the races.]

Oppression vs spending. 

What you get from this immersive experience is a taste of the perfect life. It creates a brief bubble where no one matters but yourself and you can get anything you have ever wanted.

There is nothing wrong with a brief escape. We all want to treat ourselves now and then. Everyone wants a treat and it offers that brief serotonin hit that gets us through a bad week.

When that escape becomes a need, that is when you create a bubble that is much harder to burst.

The Metro touches on the fact that the butlers are male and their demographic is predominantly female.  

“I think the situations for women are getting better, but in very minute increments. I hope it is an evolutionary process, but it still will take a lot of time and cooperation from understanding Japanese men to improve the status of women to a certain Western standard” explains Dr. Kinko Ito, a professor of Sociology.

When it comes to oppression, whether it is race, gender, age or orientation, you will want to feel an idealised power that others may have used against you – even if it is for a brief moment.

Mental strength is a long, tough road, but one thing that can offer the illusion of strength and power is money. Whether you have it or not, money is the one thing that unites every single one of us, and creates a unity of need and want. 

You spend to feel happy and feel brief relief from anything holding you back. If you buy a present for yourself, you feel happy because you have gained something, no matter how small it is, it feels like personal growth. Even when you decide to buy for someone else, it evokes a brief feeling of power, as you have made someone happy too.

This cycle of wanted growth and power is how many find themselves in debt. Gambling is not about winning for a lot of people, it is about the rush and energy you get from placing a bet – you feel in power because you put that money down and made that choice at that moment.

Money has come to mean power. That doesn’t make it right, but it is embedded in us to evoke a front of power.

What should be taken away from this is a strength to take the power back. We all need an escape, but ask yourself:

Why do you want this escape? And what is it giving you?

How can you use this escape to fuel you and use it as a learning experience? 

What something like a butler cafe can offer is relief from real life. What it should also do however is light a fire under you to move forward into a reality that looks just like that bubble you created for yourself.

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