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Why Do I Think So Much?


Why it is that your thoughts come up over and over when you are trying to do other things, such as work or indeed nothing at all, such as sleeping. We finished on the fact that our thoughts are a gateway to connect to our emotions; Helping you to understand and solve issues in your life. However, for lasting results, you need to find out the root cause of why these thoughts keep on coming up. By doing this you can start to dispel the underlying emotions from your life so that they no longer impact you on a daily basis.


So a quick recap, the reason you have all these thoughts is because

they are trying to help you to understand underlying emotions in your life.

Last week I gave you the tools to help you to start to control your thoughts and to quell the emotional tension.

This control sets you up nicely to start to understand the emotion that lies underneath.

If you do not understand those emotions they will continue to play a part in controlling your life,

keeping those unwanted thoughts popping up.

These undealt with emotions are keeping you emotionally stunted, Clasping at straws trying to fix something which you cannot out-think your way out of

What I want to do now is to share with you my 4 steps to understand and address your hidden emotions so that you can stop thinking so much.

1) Link your thoughts to your emotions

Rather than trying to distance yourself from your thoughts and emotions.

by watching a quick youtube video or looking and your social media feed try, staying with and listening to them. Understand what they are trying to tell you, maybe your emotions are trying to get you to go and do something new or to change something in your life so that you feel happier and more fulfilled.

2) Which feelings are you running from?

Now you have listened to those emotions it’s now time to start understanding which emotions you are running from and why. Let’s take as an example, a work assignment you don’t want to do or have been putting off, the emotion associated with this might be fear of failure, boredom or feeling trapped and stifled at the task at hand. Whatever it is try and focus on it as it will give you a better understanding of which emotions you are running from and why you are running from them This does not just tell you about this one task but gives you a better understanding 

of the way you are living throughout your life with anything, you have been putting off doing.

Allowing you to see why you feel unable to do the things you think and feel you should be doing right now.

3) Find the root of that thought or feeling.

What you need to do is to link that feeling back to a memory from your past.

Maybe the way a person spoke to you, a situation you found yourself in, or an event that which in turn made you feel a certain way. Maybe you felt lost or scared which in turn made you try and distance yourself from ever feeling that again. This is why you find it hard to do the things you feel you should do in case you feel that way again.

Step 4  Assess how you are living now.

The above 3 steps give you an understanding of the emotions you are trying to distance yourself from and what they are trying to tell you. The reason you have been running from them is to protect yourself from -feeling sad low or upset but this has stopped you from trying new things and growing. With this in mind start assessing if constantly running from these feelings is helping or hindering your growth? Are they causing more or less stress? 


Once you know this you can start making a plan for the future.

Realising your true potential and dispersing the emotions so that you don’t have to over-think anymore. So What I hope you have learnt is that you’re overthinking is a consequence of your hidden emotions trying to get resolved.

If you can uncover and fix those emotions they will no longer control the way you think feel and act throughout your life.

Giving you greater control whilst allowing you to do what you need to and feel happier.


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