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Plan For Success

If you have been following my series on Making a Plan for Success, you should be ready to begin your journey to a more successful life.

This will actually seem like the most daunting point, as you have no idea what the steps are in order to get there.

Make a plan

The way to get rid of your anxiety and the first step is to make a realistic plan.

For example, people say to me they are going to dedicate one hour a day to their chosen goal, which might sound reasonable – but actually how realistic is it?

By the time you finish work you get home, make some food, and sit down to relax. So how likely is it that you are going to want to set this substantial amount of time aside for this goal?

Something that I see that works is to plan just 10 minutes at the same time every day so that it becomes part of your daily routine. The same as brushing your teeth is part of your daily routine.

Next, what is it that you need to do?

Plan out the specific next steps towards your end goal, as otherwise you will feel lost and overwhelmed about what to do next.
This could be looking into changing your job or looking up a course you want to do to further your career.

One small step a day is all it takes to get closer to your dream life.

Take action

You can plan all day long but the real work comes when you start actively doing what you have planned out.

It can feel scary doing something active as there is a risk that it might not go right, but be brave and make a start.

Keep adapting

As with anything long-term, goals will ebb and flow depending on various factors that you can’t plan for.

The longer you go on with your plan, the more you will need to change and adapt it. If you see that something isn’t working, assess why and change or even cut it from your plan altogether.

Just because you planned it, doesn’t mean it will work, so don’t be scared to change if necessary.

Have fun

This is a really important step as sometimes you will feel stressed and bored so won’t want to continue, and you will never stick to anything if you don’t enjoy it.

A trick that I use is when you feel stressed or bored with the job at hand, think about what it will feel like to get it done and it is off your plate.

Use the above steps to help you to make the right steps to success.

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