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Reform your issues

Reform your issues

Over the last couple of weeks I have been showing you how to uncover and to distance yourself from the issues you have been facing.

Now, how to reform your issues.

Once you have started to relinquish that emotional tinge you can start using your imagination or a more abstract and emotionally neutral way.
You can learn to use the distance in order to change the way you relate to the problem and come up with a way to solve it. By distancing yourself from your emotions it will allow you to see that you are not defined by your thoughts feelings and issues.

So now you are emotionally distant from that problem how does it feel to you now? Remember you have the emotional space to see it as an issue but not a part of your identity. Does the image seem as big, as colourful as dangerous? If it does you still may be emotionally connected to the issue so try again to create that emotional space and distance yourself from that issue emotionally.

Take any issue and ask yourself, how would someone else handle that same issue? Someone who is more confident, better looking or richer? How would someone with those attributes sort this issue out?

This is not a one-off exercise, you can do this for any issue that you are facing. By cutting that emotional connection to your issues you can relinquish the control that they have over your life.

Remember you have more control than you think over your emotions. Learn to create emotional space away from them so that you can see what’s wrong and to sort your issues out, rather than continuously running from your issues, sustaining the impact that they have on your life.

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