Why Am I Scared Of Change?

Change is a part of life and all have to deal with it at some point. Yet some of us are scared of change and run from it when faced with change.

Why are you not able to accept change? And let’s start amending your relationship to change:

First of all, you need to understand where this perspective came from.

There can be many reasons, but they all stem from change being seen as a bad thing, no matter what the situation. Maybe, throughout your upbringing, you told that change is dangerous. Instead, stay still, stay safe and be happy with what you have.

Next, understand if this perspective is helping or hindering you.

I would argue that it is important to be safe, but there is a flipside where which not changing can lead you to feel stuck, stifled and frustrated.

Lastly, start taking risks.

When I say risks it doesn’t have to be anything dangerous. The risk can be as small as trying something new on a menu, or speaking to your barista whilst ordering a coffee.

Risks have been labelled as scary but once you realise that nothing can happen from taking a small risk you will realise that change can lead to new, exciting possibilities.

As safe and validating as not changing might feel, it’s not enough to stay still.

By starting to reassess how you relate to and deal with change it will allow you to build fresh relationships with others, the world and yourself.

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