Stop chasing happiness

The number one thing people ask me when they find out I am a counsellor or a therapist is how can I be happy all of the time. What I’ve found is that lots of us are chasing happiness.This stems from friends, parents and society, in general, telling us that we shouldn’t feel anything else except happy.

However, is this right? In fact, by having this expectation is not only putting excess pressure on yourself to be happy but also stops you from sort out those harder to deal with feelings that are there to help you to better your life.

All emotions are trying to do is help direct you to an easier life.

Therefore if you feel sad angry or upset, you need to work out what is making you feel that way and sort it out.

Sort the problem instead of chasing happiness

The greatest inventions and business ideas have stemmed from a felt need to sort a problem

So then If you don’t listen to the negative emotions you won’t know what’s wrong in your life so won’t be able to fix it

So then by focusing on be happy even when you don’t feel it is keeping locked into the same repetitive actions, thoughts and feelings which are keeping you feel anxious stressed or miserable.

Stop procrastinating

This is why so many of us procrastinate or seek relief from alcohol drugs? You just want a brief moment away from your unused negative emotions.

Which again stops you from sorting out your life

By constantly focusing on feeling happy you are going to be feel bad that you are not happy, stuck that your life isn’t getting any easier and angry that you have no control over your life.

So, what I want to leave you with is that it is impossible to just feel happy. Start using those harder to deal with feelings to help you to relieve the stress in your life. Stop chasing happiness and just live your life. 

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