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Do you find that you compare yourself to others? Wishing you were more successful, richer or fitter, and stopping you from being truly happy.

Comparing yourself to others is something that we have all been genetically programmed to do in order to feel safe, secure and happier in general.

Yet the downside of this is that you can feel powerless and trapped, from not being good looking enough, rich enough or fit enough and with no plan to reach your dreams to be happy.

This, in turn, has stopped you from trying anything new and keeping you locked into feeling this way.

So now you know why you do it, but how can you stop?

This is a tricky question as on the one hand you want to stop comparing yourself to others, but on the other hand, you want to have the things that they have.

I want to offer a new perspective; It isn’t about comparing yourself to others and, going after things that others have, but rather, discovering and going after the things that you want.

Of course, there will be some crossover, maybe you want a sports car or to be rich. However, you have not seen the work that they have put in to get to that position; the struggle, the ups, the downs and their overall journey to get to where they are now.

You are just comparing yourself to their end result, which creates unrealistic expectations of what you should be doing and who you should be. You taking a snapshot of their life rather than their whole journey.

This is compounded by our social media feeds where we only get to see the best of people’s lives; the one good selfie out of 100.


Rather than focusing on these snapshots and feeling angry, hurt and resentful that they have it and you don’t, ask yourself, what do you want and how to go and get it.

It’s going to take time and work but you have it in you to reach your dreams, which starts with you, stopping comparing yourself to others and going out and working towards what you want.

Make this the start of the journey to go and get the things that you want rather than the things that others have.

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