The ‘New Normal’ might be harder than you think

Everyone was more than ready for 2021, and you can almost feel it already, can’t you? The new normal is not that far away, and it feels like there is a sense of light and positivity right around the corner.

That’s to say if you aren’t feeling that way, that’s OK too.

We are in the midst of a fine balancing act as we are mentally getting ready to go back to normal. As our friends, relatives and loved ones receive their first vaccination, we have to understand what the future will bring for us.

What I want to bring to light is, the future can offer as much as you want it to. And however much you want, let’s start to build on ourselves again after a hectic year.

I recently discussed this with Metro and what I found interesting was the idea of having to readjust to ‘real-life’?

What is real life for you anymore and what do you want from it?

Take a look inward at who you are today and who you were in 2019. What has changed? What do you miss about yourself and what is new that you love?

There are important questions to ask as believing that you are going to be able to delve into where you left off, could seem like a shot to the system. For instance, how do you, presently, feel able to go back to your job? Are there things that you have found you hated and you will be seeing in a new light since leaving?

What we must do at this point is reflect on what we are going back to, and are you happy with that? If you are not, how can you adapt your life to work around who you are now as a person? Make the new normal work for you now, not how you used to be.

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