Therapist Reviews Joker (2019 Movie)

This week I wanted to really take a look at a character with a dark past. Not just the dark past but how they deal with that baggage and how it can affect them. The Joker is one of the most famous fictional villains. In 2019 they released Joker, with Joaquin Phoenix portraying his origin story, and I was shocked at how deep this movie delved into Arthur Fleck’s (The Joker) background and the descent on his mental health.

Throughout this film, you do almost feel sorry for him.

And this is what was so powerful and steeped in truth. Behind every villain and behind every negative act, is a destructive and harmful story.

The Joker is a villain on the surface, but there is more to relate to than you might think.

When you meet Arthur you find him doing his best with work and attempting to follow the rules and ‘put on a happy face’. The irony is he is working as a sign spinner dressed as a clown.

Even when he tries his best at this he gets mugged and beaten. The same goes for the work he is doing with his social worker. She wants him to fill his journal and so he does, he fills it cover to cover with how he is feeling in the form of jokes.

Sadly the social worker doesn’t condone this and doesn’t seem to offer him any more guidance or help.

What I see throughout this film is a man just trying to do the right thing.

Imagine, you spend your entire life just trying to do the right thing, and every single time it doesn’t work out.

This will do something to your way of thinking and conceptualising your wants and feelings.

What happens with Arthur is this dire need to be noticed. He tries this with stand-up comedy, but that doesn’t work. Now, this is to the extreme, but as he cannot find that attention through making people laugh, his next (in his eyes) logical step is to shock and offend people.

This is a simple act of control.

Arthur must find any way he can to take control of his life. As he has never had that and feels as if he has tried any other way, unfortunately, it resulted in the loss of several lives.

Without a doubt, something can be learned from Arthurs actions and the steps he took to end up becoming The Joker.

Sadly he didn’t have the right people around him to guide him, and when you are lost, you can seek the control you need in the wrong places.

I really enjoyed reacting to this film and you can take a look at my full reaction below.

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