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Therapy is Your Unbiased Space (GB News appearance)

Recently I made an appearance live on GB News after BACP approached me to comment on why many have been feeling a little more anxious in the build-up to Christmas. 

I was more than happy to comment. I believe that even though many feel as if they should get back to ‘normal’ after experiencing several lockdowns, they may not understand that their mentality and previous status quo would have changed.

Once I was live on GB News, I thought I would have a little more time to comment on the topic, but as it is with live news, the discussion was cut short as they were running behind schedule. I was still grateful to have the opportunity to comment, however brief.

Following my appearance, there seemed to be a few comments on why a BACP member was appearing on GB News. Did this reflect my political views and was it only done for my own self-promotion?

Aiming to create a neutral, unbiased space.

GB News is one of many press comments and contributions I have made. My intention, first and foremost, is to encourage and educate audiences on their own mental health.

I believe there is no limit to where and when to discuss mental health. If there was, I would begin to ostracise an audience who may need a moment to reflect on their own self-care.

My therapeutic space is most importantly, a non-judgmental, unbiased, and neutral space for anyone, from all walks of life.

Talking therapy is an opportunity to create the best and happiest future for yourself. With this, I always want to go into each session with no preconceptions or expectations of whom each client is.

Following the comments made on my GB News appearance, I want to address that my political stance has no bearing on my practice. Furthermore, my stance will remain confidential and is not related to my press appearances. My number one aim is to provide the highest care and attention to your needs and expectations of therapy.

I am grateful for comments on anything I do. Mental health is progressing in terms of open discussion and this cannot happen without healthy discussion and debate. Without these comments, I wouldn’t be able to consider what others may expect from my practice and therefore solidify who I am as a practitioner.

I want to discuss the topic of mental health with as many people as possible. The more we talk, the greater the audience, and the further we can help.

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