This is why you can’t stick to new habits

Sticking to something is tough, especially a new habit when it’s better for you but not necessarily fun to do.

With this, I want to share with you 7 main reasons why you may find it so hard to stick to new habits.

1. Procrastination

Who hasn’t said to themselves, ‘I’ll do it later’ or ‘I just need to do this first…’

When you push something to the wayside and procrastinate, it is never prioritised and therefore falls further and further down your list.

So, stop procrastinating and prioritise those new habits!

2. Others’ judgement

Many of a person’s old habits also make up their old personality. This means that the people you surround yourself with have certain expectations of you that may not be your new, current identity.

This can make it very hard to change your habits for the better, for fear of others’ judgment.

It can be fearful to change things, even if it’s for the better, but other people who don’t agree with your new self, shouldn’t stop you from changing and improving on yourself.

3. Defusing stress and tension

This is easy to do with old habits, but not so much with new ones – if anything trying to make a new habit stick can be quite stressful and tense for you.

And that is why your old habits were there in the first place, but you want to shake those off. It’s just a short term gain but with no meaningful long term reward. 

4. Prioritising your new habits

In order to get over your old habits and knee-jerk reaction to diffuse tension, you need to start prioritising a new habit to replace it.

So, find your new habit and begin to practise it in easier situations first in order to establish it into your day to day life. 

5. Fun!

This sounds simple but it can be difficult to find the fun in ingraining something into your life. So it’s important to find the fun in what you’re doing to help establish it.

6. Fight the fear

Fear of failure is common and it can be a common reason not to try at all. 

Failure is just showing you all the way that won’t work for you, so this is why it’s so important to keep trying until you succeed. 

7 . Patience

Along with fear of failure you probably want to just have things done right away. So remember that things will take time to work. Instead of focusing on the short term, focus on the lessons you are learning on your journey. 

Everything will help you progress on the road to your dream life.

Find resilience in yourself and allow yourself to keep going even when you might fail or when people say you are wrong.

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