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Start Trusting Other People

Some people may find trust to be easier than others.

In order to begin to trust people you firstly, mustn’t group everyone in the same way.

Stop Grouping People Together

People can let you down but that doesn’t mean that everyone will. If an ex-cheated on you, that doesn’t mean your new partner will. You think this way to keep you safe from not being hurt again, but this has no impact on whether someone lets you down or not. So, stop expecting this to make a difference to others? behaviour, because it will not.

This leads on to the second step:

Stop predicting what others will do

Again, this behaviour is trying to help you gain control and safety, but it’s actually causing you to feel like that person has already broken your trust when they haven’t done anything wrong.

You are not a fortune teller so stop trying to be one.

In order to start trusting others, you need to start trusting yourself.

You have what it takes

Know that you have what it takes to deal with life and love, and that you have the confidence and resilience to stop yourself getting hurt.

The reason why you don’t trust others is to avoid getting hurt. That again is because you feel that if you rely on someone they will let you down.


The final step is to start feeling confident in yourself. The way you do that is to be prepared and have a backup plan.

Be prepared for when you can trust others, as well as if you have to do it on your own.

If you feel prepared for either instance, it won’t be so difficult if you are let down.

People may have let you down in the past but that doesn’t mean everyone will. Others are there to help you so be more trusting, but also keep in mind that you can stand on your own two feet should someone let you down.

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