Want to be Cool? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

As with anyone, I’m sure you’ve wanted to be ‘cool’ or the ‘coolest’ version of yourself. And you would have always been told that you should be cool, but is that the best advice?

What is ‘cool’?

‘Cool’ is that kid in the corner who doesn’t saying much; just chills out waiting around for things to happen – think Fonzie! This image might seem like the pinnacle of cool, but that person isn’t actually doing anything.

What makes the pressure of being cool even more difficult, is that many are rewarded for being this way – whether it be in popularity, freebies or just the occasional compliment.

Success vs cool

With the image of the ultimate cool person in mind, have a think about some of the great leaders of our time who are rich, successful and ultimately happy after their hard work has paid off.

These people are motivated and are helping or changing the world around us. They do not achieve all this simply by being cool, but by making a difference, by taking risks and always trying something new and daring.

So put bluntly, cool doesn’t get you anywhere. It doesn’t lead to growth, change and personal development.

Along with not being able to develop by being cool, you can’t be the happiest version of yourself as cool means having to conform to everyone else’s expectations of you.

Don’t just be cool, get things done!

Personally, I love passion! Passion gets things done. Cool, on the other hand, might make you feel good in the short term, but you’ll find yourself at a dead-end eventually.

So, instead of being cool, just be you. Once you accept yourself as you are, you can discover what you want. You can make meaningful friends, take risks and be happy.

Think to yourself, rather than being cool what do you really want?

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