We can learn a lot from Bluey.

Is Bluey the ideal show to teach life lessons to parents, as well as children?

If you are a parent then you no doubt have sat through many many episodes of Bluey. If you haven’t seen it, Bluey is an Australian children’s show that follows the life of Bluey, Bingo, and their parents – in a world where everyone is a dog.

Even though this sounds like any normal children’s cartoon. It has won the hearts of not just children around the world, but also parents.

As each child in the show learns a new life lesson, a lot of the time the parents are too.

This can be anything from a parent knowing when to allow a child to figure something out for themself, or to make a boring activity into a game.

I’ve even watched it and found myself taking mental notes of games to play with my children or ways of explaining certain things to them.

Why is Bluey so impactful?

I believe the reason that this show hits home for so many of us is because it takes away all the complexity of adulthood and focuses on one lesson at a time.

There is no space or reason to add a parent’s worries and anxieties. When you watch something from the children’s perspective, you are able to take in these lessons at the bare bones. There are no frills when teaching children, and it still works for us.

As each episode offers a new storyline, there is always something new for the children or the parents to learn. This is all done with the mental space and time that everyone needs to create new positive changes for themselves.

Using the platform of children’s TV show to show a positive, healthy family dynamic – yet still with their issues and dilemmas – is hugely beneficial for all the family to watch.

If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend it and I am even reacting to some episodes in a YouTube video very soon.

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