We’re all emotional – Coronavirus update

This has been a very emotional time for many of us. With coronavirus taking over our social lives, what we do, where we go and who we see, it’s no surprise that emotions would be running high.

I’ve felt it myself – where I would feel frustrated, anxious or just sad because I couldn’t pop out for a coffee or do my usual routine of going to the gym. Essentially I would feel stuck.

Feeling emotional about our new ‘normal’

The difficulty is in finding a new ‘normal’ with so many restrictions in place. This combined with self-isolation, where you would likely have to spend a lot more time than usual with family members. It’s great in one respect, but restricting, again, in another.

You’re probably asking yourself, where can I find my own space!?

It’s completely normal to want your own space, so if you are feeling some kind of emotional guilt for wanting to step away from the family, then you should know that this is very much understandable – and just as important to your mental health.

This space for yourself will also help you establish a new normal within your home. This should include your own personal time and the right balance of time with others in your household.

Your emotions… 

This change or, rather, complete disposal of your routine is what can heighten your emotions. And that would be why you aren’t even able to recognise where the emotions are coming from and why you feel this way. When you are thrown into a completely different scenario, everything will seem new and questionable.

But, the majority of us will be feeling emotional too. So, attempt to reclaim some autonomy and space in a balanced way that will also cater to others in your home. This will prevent you or anyone else acting out irrationally. 


We are all in this together and this includes working together with your close ones to create a positive space for the future.

What I want to address in some future posts is to zero in on the types of emotions you might be feeling during this time and offer some easy steps to understanding and diffusing them.

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