What is your anxiety trying to tell you?

We are taught to run from our anxious feelings so that we can remain safe and comfortable.

But at what detriment?


We all feel anxious but what is it trying to tell you? Anxiety, like all of our feelings, has a place and a function in our lives.

If we were to listen to it what would it say? Because it is trying to tell you something. It is trying to save you from pain.

If we think back to being a child, that pain would have been a physical one; a parent telling us not to ride our bike too fast in the park in case we fall off and graze your knee, for example.

Whereas now the pain is more emotional, one of embarrassment and shame.

Is that perceived result of our actions one that is true or is it a perceived truth that we make up to stop any risk of that emotional pain being ensued?

Outdated Emotional Response

Is that anxious feeling now outdated? Does it serve a positive function in our lives or is it holding us back from asking for what we want, and truly living the way we want to?

Does anxiousness stop you by:

  • Not allowing you from acting the way you would like to?
  • Stopping you from reaching your full potential in case you fail?
  • Stopping you from trying anything that is out of your comfort zone?

In actuality, what could happen? You won’t get kicked out of a restaurant for not knowing the difference between pinot noir and merlot, but yet we won’t go to that restaurant, just in case.

It is the story we tell ourselves, the story we have lived for most of our lives. A story that has done a good job at protecting you for so long, but one that may now be outdated.

Anxiety has a place, [Slight expansion here of where it had/has a place] but maybe not such a big place in your life now.

How is anxiety helping you and hindering your life, so you can make the best decisions for the future.

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