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What’s going to happen to our pandemic hobby?

We’ve all had a lot more time on our hands. Time that used to be filled with a social life or work. Now that we’re back in the swing of things, what’s going to happen to that lockdown hobby?

I’m sure you’ve become quite the expert knitter, or finally getting the hang of your Spanish pronunciations. It served you well to have something to occupy your time.

You’re wondering why you are feeling more tired and flustered now that things are getting back to normal. If you consider how much you would fit into your day pre-pandemic, why does this all feel like too much now?

It’s going to be a challenge to shift from homebody persona to work/socialite persona in the blink of an eye.

It’s going to take a while to physically and mentally get back to adding travel, playdates, and evenings out to your life again.

Consider that you’re going back to that life, plus keeping on top of something you took on during lockdown. It’s going to feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends eventually.

That isn’t to say that things that you enjoyed this past year need to go. This is a great time to reassess what you enjoy and what you want to carry on doing.

What did that hobby offer that you enjoyed so much?

Once you start to consider what that hobby brought you, you can also think about whether there is a place for it in your life outside of the pandemic.

If you found that cooking brought you a new way to switch off, do you have that ‘off’ time now? And without it, how is that affecting your mental health?

Establishing a new work-life balance is vital to get used to this new way of living.

Now that you have established what this hobby brought you – whether that be a sense of achievement or just a moment to yourself – you’re probably wondering where you’re going to find the time to continue.

Being forced to find out what you need for yourself has been one large benefit of the pandemic.

It’s easy to get swept up in a job that doesn’t rest – especially in London. Constantly being in fifth gear is something you got used to.

If you consider how exhausted a car sounds in second gear with your foot to the floor – you’re going to feel how your car sounds if you’re still in lockdown mode and jumping straight back to your old life.

In lockdown, you were able to step back to see that you can enjoy your life without burnout.

When you’re feeling like this, your first instinct is going to be that you’re going to have to just drop anything you liked doing during the lockdown.

Now’s the time to ask yourself what do you not enjoy? What is holding you back from finding success and happiness in your life?

It’s easy to forget that a lot of your time can be adapted to hugely benefit your life for the better.

Are you finding the time to see old friends now, but you don’t enjoy it anymore as you don’t have anything in common? Reassess what you could do with that time instead.

Another common thing that can happen is, you get back into the swing of your old life – like welcoming a dear friend home.

If that’s the case, then going back to that hobby might not be giving you the same kind of joy it did before.

But, you keep it up. Because you have put all that time and effort and it would have all gone to waste if you just stop.

This is where you ask yourself again, what is making you happy right now?

Every single person is going through constant changes in their life. If you stick to something just because it’s familiar, then you are never moving forward or challenging yourself.

You began to challenge yourself with a new hobby during lockdown because you needed that stimulation.

If you don’t see knitting or cooking in your future, then thank it for its service and enjoy your life ahead.

This isn’t giving up. It’s acknowledging that you have gone through a change in your life. And you are ready for the next chapter and the next challenge.

So, whether your hobby is a current or a former form of enjoyment in your life, what do you see for your future?

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