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When You’re Feeling Anxious, Do This Instead

Last week I went through how you can feel motivated and have confidence in your abilities to succeed. What I touched upon during this is a common feeling of anxiety. This comes up for most of you I’m sure, and it is something that can be managed and even used as a useful tool to better yourself. 

This is where I want to share how you can take control of your anxiety in your day to day life. This is in 5 steps to help you go one step at a time without overwhelming your anxiety.

Take notice of your anxiety

By this I mean when you feel anxious, rather than trying to bury it because you don’t like the feeling, really listen to what it’s trying to tell you. 

Is it telling you that those new people you’re about to meet might not like you? Or is it telling you that you’re going to get something wrong in your meeting?

When you listen to that message, you can really hone in on what is making you nervous, and even invalidate what it’s telling you.

Accept anxiety

It’s tough, but don’t run from being anxious. Once you start running, you’ll get into the habit of avoiding any situation that might make you anxious at all. That’s when you limit what you can do and limit trying anything new.

So, remind yourself that anxiety is there for a reason and stay with it.

Once you gather the reasons behind anxiety, then you can reconfigure what you do in those anxious situations and how you can adapt around it.

Trying something new

Once you understand the reasoning behind anxiety, the next step is actually trying something new, no matter what.

Even if it is the smallest thing, if you can push yourself to go for it, whether it gives you anxiety, this is how you begin to form a new behaviour and a new habit that will make that anxious feeling redundant.

So when you start to feel anxious, use it to give you energy and to push you through that new task. The fear creeps up as a natural response to danger, so what you are doing here is telling your mind and body that what you are doing isn?t dangerous. You are reprogramming how you see and react to certain things and behaviours.


When you start to try something new, you will find that anxious instinct trying to take over, so in this instance you must take action before you think. The more you do this, the more you will find that even if you think about it, it doesn’t scare you.

Keep on going!

When you really consider what anxiety feels like, it is largely fuelled on adrenaline. It can feel like fear but andrenaline can also be a great way to drive you through something you love to do! Like the thrill of a roller coaster!

So remember to find enjoyment in what you’re doing and that will help you continue to push through that anxiety without running the risk of slipping back into the habit of running away altogether.

Once you change the way you see anxiety, it can help you to take action rather than running away from it which holds you back from feeling confident and reaching your true potential!

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