Why do I feel sad?Coronavirus update

It’s been a challenging time for the entire world at the moment amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. But it’s pretty normal to feel sad every now and then.

You’re probably wondering why do I feel sad? I get to be home all day and do things in my own time like I always wanted. Well, it sounds great on paper but the reality can be very different.

Hit pause

Essentially your entire life is on pause at the moment. This sounds like a good deal but this also means even a lot of your goals, hopes, dreams and ambitions are on pause too. 

When this happens you can, a lot of the time, lose steam for what you wanted and so that dream doesn’t seem so exciting anymore. But let’s not give up hope and remember that there is an end to all this.

Lack of control

Now, things are on pause but life does have to go on. Albeit in a somewhat limiting way, but even though we are limited in what we can and can’t do, it’s important to take back control of things.

This means even though you can’t go to the gym right now, bring the gym to you. Find an online personal trainer who you like or use things around the house as equipment.

Or now that you can’t go to your favourite brunch spot, recreate it at home and arrange a Zoom brunch with friends.

Finding a means to an end is what will ensure that you don’t feel like things have spiralled to a point where you don’t have a hold on your life.

Feeling sad? Make space

Even though you care deeply for your family, none of us are used to being in such close proximity to them for this length of time. This can be very hard because we need our own space. So, it’s important to note this and not feel like your feelings about your family are changing whilst in isolation.

Don’t feel bad for wanting to take time for yourself. So maybe arrange a way for everyone in your household to get some personal time and reset.

Even in close proximity, this can be possible, even if it’s a ‘Do Not Disturb Hour’ or a pamper morning in the bathroom. 

These small moments are the difference between creating a rift and coming out of this stronger than ever. 

Sad: A depressive state

Being sad is what I like to call a ‘depressive state’. This is when you feel like you can’t do anything about it to make things better no matter what you try.

This is why taking a step back and asking yourself what exactly is making you sad and narrowing in on how you can improve on that. It’s also pivoting on this tough situation that we are all in and finding a positive spin on it. 

Whether it’s spending more time with your children, having more time to work out, or being able to start that book that you’ve wanted to write. There is a way to come out of this still feeling in control, feeling safe in yourself and with an element of empowerment too.

Stay safe.

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