Why Do I Feel This Way?

I want to share three keys steps to help you understand why you act and feel the way you do. Helping you to grow and develop.

The world at large

Step one is to understand that you have been told to act this way.

You have adapted to be liked and accepted by parents, friends and society in general. Leading you to feel safe, secure and to be liked.

Add to this; your general routine is comfortable and easy which is why you feel on the one hand safe, yet on the other, you have outgrown it. You’re then left feeling frustrated and bored.

It’s like being expected to play with baby toys now. They were fun when you were 1 or 2 years old, but how much fun could you have with them now?

Is comfort getting in the way?

The next step is to notice what you would like to do versus what you feel comfortable doing.

There is nothing wrong with feeling comfortable, but it can become too much and then hold you back from being the person you really want to be.

You need to start relating to yourself in a new and different way.

You could be someone who tries new things. Someone who knows what they want and will go out and to try and get it.

Start Right NOW!

Step three is to take a risk and start your journey today. This is the hardest bit as you might feel it is too daunting or scary.

This outlook comes from what you have been told in step one. On the one hand, it’s keeping you safe and comfortable but on the other, it’s holding you back.

Again, that way of relating to the world had its uses when you were younger, but how much help is it now?

The sooner you start the better you will feel and you can then start creating new ways to have fun, grow and develop as a person, and generally be happier.

Start change; learn how you connect to your past and what your behaviour is like now so that you can create new ways to be in the future.

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