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Why Do I Feel Frustrated

Most of you can feel frustrated from time to time, and you might be surprised to hear that rather than dwelling in that frustration, you can use it to your advantage to help you.

Frustration usually comes up when you have not dealt with a situation or emotion properly. In general, frustration is you feeling the need to do something but you don’t know how, or, you don’t want to.


A popular example of this is when you can’t find your keys. You know that they are in the house, you have looked everywhere but still can’t find them. It’s pretty frustrating.

Now, instead of keys imagine you had all those feelings of frustration but didn’t know where it came from or what it meant.

Normal Part of Life

You might feel frustration so often that it just becomes a normal part of your life and to you, it becomes a normal day-to-day feeling.

This isn’t great, as in the end feeling like this can make you angry or annoyed at other people and things unrelated to your frustration – and you do this to offset how you’re really feeling.

So, being frustrated can end up hurting others around you and sabotaging parts of your life to regain a felt sense of control.

Overcome Frustration

To overcome this, start relating to your frustration in a different way so that it doesn’t take over other parts of your life and

Next time I want to discuss, ‘5 easy steps to help you control and use your frustration in order to help better your life’.

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