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Why is Emma Raducanu the perfect Influencer in 2021?

You have definitely heard the name Emma Raducanu the past few days.

At 18 years old she is the youngest US Open winner since 2004. She is the first British woman to win a major tennis tournament in 44 years.

Emma has built her entire childhood and teen life towards this moment. She is now, in the blink of an eye, a national treasure.

From the countless articles and even gossip surrounding Emma and her background, it’s clear that her life has changed. 

When she won, all I thought was that her win had come at the perfect time.

As a teen, you are constantly battling with paranoia, judgment, and a need to bring out the best in yourself. Whether that be with your parents, at school, or friendship cliques. It is one of the most mentally exhausting periods of self-exploration.

Emma had found a passion that she has been able to stick to and accomplish at just 18. 

Her success is now under a microscope as more than ever, parents are seeing that it is possible for your child to persevere.

With knife and street crime being a constant issue in the UK, Emma is a beacon of hope for so many young adults.

As young adults turn to gangs and crime, the largest improvement in this is seen from opening youth centers and offering activities and positive communities.

Teenagers have a felt need to be seen and heard. Finding a passion, whether that be from tennis to cooking creates that sense of purpose that many are in need of.

Why will Emma Raducanu shine so bright in 2021?

Simply put – this is the Gen Z era. Emma has unwillingly become an influencer in every sense of the word.

What Gen Z has done is rebrand The Influencer persona (which we millennials know as sports personalities or public figures) and taken ownership of it. 

The idea behind an influencer is ‘anyone can do it – it’s accessible’. What this does however is:

  1. Elicit that success is easy
  2. Have Gen Z find influence in Influencers with nothing to influence…

Emma is a Gen Z who can remind others that an influencer can actually influence with pure achievement.

What I see from Emma’s success is her win shining a spotlight on what you can become, and what is possible for anyone, no matter what their age or background.

Tabloids have already nosedived into her personal life and family history. That’s to say that even though they are desperate to add a negative spin to her win, they have still been hard put in succeeding.

Congratulations Emma, all of your hard work up until this point hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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