I read my Youtube comments, I was scared…

I recently filmed a video where I read my Youtube comments.

I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to go through them, but the main reason for it was to let Youtube viewers know that I have been reading their comments.

What has been amazing to see is that commenters have felt able to really express how they are feeling and what they have learnt about themselves from my videos.

Even though I am reacting to something fictional, we can always find a character, a story arc or even a single line, that hits home and feels as if it is aimed right at you.

This is what I am starting to see in my comments and I couldn’t be happier that people want to share that with not only me but also with anyone else watching.

Even one comment like that means that I have done my job.

Within counselling sessions, the number goal is to feel safe. If this is what being a anonymous commenter on youtube means for many people, then that is the first step to feeling like you can express yourself without judgement or fear.

This may sound like I’m just referring to nice comments.

But I wanted to also show that criticism and transparency also go noticed and that I will take any youtube comments like this into my next videos and learn from them.

Criticism may sometimes intend to hurt another, but it’s what you do with that comment that creates the biggest impact.

Taking any comment in my stride means that I am always open to growth and changes. And this is what brings success and joy to anyone’s life.

Your life will always be changing around you, if you do not continue to learn from those changes and move with the tide, you can find yourself floating behind.

It may sound exhausting, but if you are looking for constant success and happiness, that means constant change and development.

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