Lockdown Easing Delayed | What are we thinking?

I’ve seen mixed responses to do with the lockdown relaxing being delayed. Many people believe it doesn’t make much of a difference, and many also think that it’s a silly decision. Whatever your thoughts on it, what are your personal thoughts on your life and how are you affected?

Anger and blame can be a common response to the recent news that lockdown easing, or ‘Freedom Day’, has been pushed back.

As I’ve mentioned on this blog already, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. You’ll tend to turn to those knee-jerk responses rather than addressing what you really want and how you really feel.

Any strong emotion is a good one, so long as you recognise it and address it.

So ask yourself this question – what are you angry/upset/remorseful about? If it is not something that you can actually control, what can you do for yourself to help address those feelings?

Are you delaying working on something?

Do you have lots of ideas but are too scared of faliure?

Are you feeling lonely?

Does your life feel out of your control? And how?

All of these questions are things that you can take care of in your life. Anger is a great emotion when you are able to take all of that energy and put it into something practical.

If you are angry at something externally, how is it really affecting your life – and what are you going to do about it?

For instance – if you are angry at the lockdown easing being delayed, how is it affecting your day-to-day?

You may be angry because lockdown easing means that you have to cancel the party you had planned. You have been feeling lonely for the last few months. It was the first thing you had been looking forward to for a while.

By checking in on yourself and understanding where those emotions are coming from, you can direct it to the right place. That aforementioned loneliness, as an example, can be addressed with a smaller gathering to see you through the next 4 weeks.

All of your emotions are personal and valid to you, so it’s time to take that outside blame and focus on what you would like to improve on within your life.

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